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Mike Trujillo is Board Certified with the International Hearing Society and is a licensed hearing aid dispenser in Colorado. Mike is a Pueblo native and has been dispensing hearing aids in Pueblo and all of southern Colorado for the last Twenty One years. Mikes policy is and has always been to “Treat my customers the same way that I would like to be treated if I were in their shoes.” “My outlook is that I am not here to pressure my prospective customers into buying a hearing aid system for the benefit of making the sale, but to diagnose the problem and offer information as to what the solution might be so the customer can make a well informed decision.” “I enjoy the benefit of helping people hear.” Mike feels that if he does a good job helping people with their hearing loss and they are satisfied he will grow his business through referrals and return customers.

Hearing Aid Dispenser

E-mail: trujimik@gmail.com

Mike Trujillo  BC-HIS

Phone: (719) 564-2966

“I enjoy

the benefit of helping people hear.”